Sunday, February 28, 2010

Larry Cassidy (Section 25) R.I.P.

I had planned the start of this blog totally different with an article about sports, but sometimes certain situations in life make a change of subjects inevitable.
While checking some blogs yesterday, I stumbled over a report on John Robb's (important music journalist -> for those who don't know his name)blog : Larry Cassidy R.I.P. - and I couldn't believe my eyes... just minutes later a friend of mine send me an email confirming the sad news...

Larry Cassidy was the singer and bassplayer of legendary Blackpool band SECTION 25. And what has all this got to do with Teenage 90es you may ask? Indeed... way back in 1991 (or very early 1992) I listened to a radiospecial about Factory Records done by Paul Baskerville, who did an interview with Tony Wilson (head of Factory) about a just released compilation 'Palatine' and among the tunes featured (described by Wilson as 'early techno') was a song that completely blew me away - 'Looking From A Hilltop' by Section 25 (it is still one of my all time top favourite tunes). It took me quite a bit of time to find out more about the band - remember, this was pre-internetdays and the band had split up by then... and all through the years I slowly built my collection on Section 25 - going back to their early punk/postpunk days and songs like 'New Horizon' or 'Dirty Disco'. People who know me, knew my joy, when it was said by the start of the new century, they would record again. Unfortunately things came to an abrupt ending, when Jenny Ross (Cassidy - Larry's wife) died after a battle with cancer in 2004. Somehow a few years later with a new lineup, the band continued and even played shows and released new albums on LTM Recordings. They teamed up for a few shows with Peter Hook (New Order / Joy Division). The last news was, that the band were re-recording and re-imagining some older songs for a new project called 'Retrofit' that was supposed to be out later this year.
Then yesterday those extremely sad news arrived and of course my thoughts are with his family in this difficult time. Unfortunately Section 25 never really got the attention they deserved + they left behind some great material and a great spirit with their songs.
Do me a favour and put on a Section 25 record (or at least play a clip on youtube), it would mean a lot - Larry, you'll never be forgotten, wherever you are...

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