Saturday, April 3, 2010

[Pearls Of Passion] THE MISSION - Butterfly On A Wheel

Pearls of passion? Yup, exactly, a new section - to be honest, I am really sick of all those labels of bands... is it pop? is it goth? is it punk? You get it... for me, it is always about the music and the songs and if a song sounds great to my ears, my only label is 'perfect pop' for it + such songs, are the ones we talk about here in 'Pearls of passion'.

The first one I chose is by the legendary THE MISSION and was officially released on 1st January, 1990 - it fits perfectly as a starting point, cause it was basically the first single to be released in 1990. And what a song it is still, it wasn't without a risk, as the song was quite different to previous singles by The Mission. After wrapping up their tour for the 'Children' album with some massive arena gigs in England in Winter 1988, the band took a short break + started writing and recording a new album. During those months, they played a few gigs (some benefits, some gigs as special guest of The Cure and a tour of the Scottish Highlands). The Mission already tested a few of their new ones (the later anthem 'Deliverance' was already played in late 1988) + among them was 'Butterfly on a wheel'. The song up to this day is a fave of mine - be it on the record or live, a mesmerizing track with beautiful syntharrangement that melts perfectly with the guitars and drums. It is one of those tracks, which says instant classic but has enough depth to stay in your ears forever without ever getting sick of listening to the track - 'Butterfly' was one of the most successful singles for the band reaching No 12 in the UK Single Charts (totally unthinkable today...).

Back to the future - The Mission have split (finishing with 4 shows in London 2008) and Wayne Hussey is currently doing some solo acoustic shows, which I can't recommend enough + you can almost always be sure that 'Butterfly on a wheel' is still part of his set and hasn't lost anything in all those years.

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