Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Pearls Of Passion] THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS - There's A World

When being asked about the most unique voices in music, one person that I immediately come up with, would be Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs. The band started in the punk days back in England. During the eighties, they had quite a few hits in the USA as well (they were well respected on college radio) including anthems like 'Heaven'; 'Ghost In You' or 'Love My Way'. Back in 1986, John Hughes did one of his legendary teen-movies 'Pretty In Pink' - the title being the title of a 1980 song by Psychedelic Furs, who decided to rerecord the song for the movie. A few albums followed until the band came to a hiatus in 1991 recording one (so far?) last album 'World Outside'. A massively underrated album, it includes one or their most beautiful singles 'Until She Comes' (at least a number #1 on the US Modern Rock Charts) and today's choice: 'There's A World'.

Why this was never rerleased as a single is totally unbelievable + unexplainable - it must be one of the strongest songs the band, a beautiful arranged mid-tempo classic, that should have been massive and today being known as one of their classic hits, for sure you'll find me still humming along though... 'I can't wait, say goodbye before you break...'.

After his time with Psychedelic Furs, Butler formed a new band called Love Spit Love - but that is another story (and it is likely one of their songs will be featured as well later) - Psychedelic Furs have regrouped/reformed since and up to this day continue to tour - in the next few day, they'll start a new tour in the US (first night: Fort Lauderdale, 26th May).

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  1. Always been a fave band over here, even if my all time fave classic is without any doubt "Midnight To Midnight".
    Psychedelic Furs-fans will kill me but that was them at their best...
    Nice you say they'll play the US but last year they were supposed to play here and they sent their cat...