Friday, June 4, 2010

[Pearls Of Passion] DELAY - Wasting My Time

I guess we all know this... a short melody that you can't get out of your head again. At times it is rather annoying, cause it is mostly some dull bubblegum radiostuff, but on rare occasions, it is simply a magnificent pleasure. One of those occasions happened to me back in 1994, I think it was on the legendary Radio FFN Grenzwellen show (more on this at a later date), when Ecki Stieg played a song that started with a killer synthline + that synthline continued throughout the song: 'Wasting My Time' by Swiss band DELAY. Formed back in the early Nineties, Delay made themselves a name in 1994 with the 'Working In The Factory' Maxi-CD (it includes 'Wasting...' as well) and later with the 'Underdogs' album. Delay continued to release albums (all recommended) throughout the Nineties before they split. Andy Prinz moved into the trance direction and is still producing various projects + is working on a wide range of audioservices.

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